Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrodes

At Technomed we understand the importance of a crystal clear signal, ease of use, repositionability and good grounding. Our Disposable Adhesive Surface Electrode is designed with an Ag/AgCl sensor and an extra thick and flexible conductive gel. The electrodes, for recording, stimulation and ground use, are highly flexible and can be repositioned on all types of skin. The electrode is designed for patient comfort and user friendliness with soft wires and an optimized connector for easy insertion and extraction.

The Disposable Adhesive are available in two different shapes and with different cable lengths.

Available variants

Disposable 4-Disk Electrodes Packing Part Number
20mm diameter disk x 4; 1.0m leadwires: red, blue, green, black 10 sets TE/K50430-001
20mm diameter disk x 4; 1.5m leadwires: red, blue, green, black 10 sets TE/K50430-015
20mm diameter disk x 4; 2.0m leadwires: red, blue, green, black 10 sets TE/K50430-002
20mm diameter disk x 4; 2.5m leadwires: red, blue, green, black 10 sets TE/K50430-025


Disposable Ground Electrode Packing Part Number
40x50mm surface; 1.0m leadwire green 20 pieces TE/K50431-002
40x50mm surface; 2.0m leadwire green 20 pieces TE/K50431-003


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